Met Éireann is releasing the first climate projections of the TRANSLATE initiative

Higher temperatures and more frequent warm summer nights are among the significant insights confirmed by TRANSLATE. The TRANSLATE project provides a unique climate dataset to support climate adaptation and mitigation in Ireland. 

Met Éireann is releasing the first climate projections of the TRANSLATE initiative at the European Climate Change Adaptation Conference 2023 (ECCA), being held in Dublin this week.

TRANSLATE brings together all previous climate projections of relevance for Ireland, enhancing and improving their confidence and robustness and it combines them into one, easy to use, national resource to help Irish society to speak the same climate language. This novel initiative not only examines a range of potential future green-house emission scenarios, but also for the first time it allows decision-makers to see what Ireland would look like in different warmer-world scenarios. This will benefit all sectors of Irish society, including the energy sector.

Initial findings from TRANSLATE climate projections confirm a warming climate signal for Ireland. Temperatures are projected to increase across all greenhouse gas emission scenarios. The TRANSLATE dataset confirms that Ireland is likely to experience a decrease in the frequency of cold winter nights and up to a 10-fold increase in the frequency of warm (> 15°C) summer nights, alongside an increasing number of heatwaves, by the end of the century. In terms of precipitation, summers are projected to be drier and winters to be wetter, with precipitation increasing annually overall.


TRANSLATE’s first results are released as the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) launches the State of the Climate in Europe 2022 report in Dublin. WMO highlights the key role of climate services for decision-makers and for supporting the achievement of net-zero commitments. In this sense, TRANSLATE is a stepping-stone in the development of  Ireland’s National Framework for Climate Services (NFCS). Coordinated by Met Éireann’s and partner organisations, the NFCS supports climate adaptation by providing tailored information and services on Ireland’s changing climate to the public and key stakeholders, such as the energy sector.

TRANSLATE climate projections will be freely accessible to the public and decision makers around the country. Climate information from TRANSLATE will be easily accessible and useable and in line with Met Éireann’s objective to enhance the understandability of complex future climate scenarios by all stakeholders. This will support the many communities and users affected by the impacts of climate change ranging from school teachers to engineers and from sectoral planners to policy makers.

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TRANSLATE aims to develop a defined set of standards for developing climate projections for Ireland

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