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Campus Buzz is a blog site for Trinity College Dublin’s Campus Pollinator Plan and the Plant-Animal Interactions Research Group in Botany. MaREI researcher Emma King wrote an entry to introduce this exciting new project called Nature+ Energy which focuses on biodiversity on wind farms in Ireland.

Nature+ Energy is a collaborative approach to providing these solutions. A joint venture between research (SFI/MaREITrinity College Dublin, & Maynooth University) and industry (Wind Energy Ireland and eight industry partners), this project aims to add significant value to green renewable energy by maximising the positive impacts of wind farms on biodiversity and ecosystem service provision, while mitigating the negative effects. The collaborative nature of this project provides an opportunity to showcase how research and industry can work together to develop innovative solutions for the environment, economy, and society. Using a Natural Capital Accounting approach, we will be able to quantify the stocks of natural capital within and surrounding Irish wind farms in standardised way. This will enable biodiversity to be brought to the table and accounted for in business decisions.

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Types of habitats wind farms can be sited upon, including plantation forestry (left and top right), including a settlement pond fenced in the top right photo; and a wind turbine on a bog (bottom right).
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Nature+Energy is founded on the idea that wind farms have the potential to provide so much more than renewable energy.

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