Maintaining a Healthy Harbour - Schools initiative

Port of Cork and MaREI Team Up to Deliver A Primary Schools Initiative For A Healthy Harbour
Credit: CC0 Public Domain

Ireland's plan for electric vehicles will reduce emissions, but may come at a cost

New research shows that the current plans for vehicle electrification in Ireland may reduce transport emissions by up to 70%, but could result in losses to the exchequer as high as €340m per year by 2030

Would you pack just one set of clothes for a two-week holiday? Of course not.

It’s only right you wouldn’t plan an electricity system based on a single year’s weather data, you’d use long-term data to make sure that system planned is reliable and fit for purpose.

Research that will aid fishing industry and save seals too

Working towards ensuring that fisheries and seals co-exist sustainably and long into the future

Shona Paterson talks to the Evening Echo

"One day I might figure out how to save the planet"

Enterprise Ireland Competitive Start Fund

€50k investment from Enterprise Ireland for early stage businesses