Offshore Renewable Energy – Future Science Brief № 9 – Communications

The new European Marine Board (EMB) Future Science Brief No. 9 ‘European offshore renewable energy: Towards a sustainable future’ has been launched today. The need to decrease carbon emissions urgently and dramatically is high on scientific political, and societal agendas. Extraction of energy from offshore renewable energy sources is seen as a key measure to achieving this decrease in carbon emission. To achieve the EU Green Deal vision, the amount of installed offshore renewable energy generating capability in European must increase 30-fold compared to current installed capacity. However, in the rush to develop and install new offshore renewable energy devices across the European sea basins, we cannot ignore the potential environmental and societal impacts that they could have. This document highlights which steps need to be taken to ensure that the expansion of this sector is managed sustainably, responsibly and equitably.

The publication presents the technical, environmental, and socioeconomic state of the art of the offshore renewable sector, with a focus on European development. It presents the key knowledge, research, and capacity gaps that must be addressed to ensure sustainable delivery of the EU Green Deal and closes with key policy, research, capacity, and data recommendations to take the sector forward.

This publication can be downloaded from the European Marine Board website and a news release can be found here. The publication is an official output of the European Marine Board, a strategic pan-European Forum of 35 Member Organisations including key marine research performing institutes, funding agencies and university consortia. 

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