Our 2050 – Opportunities for Ireland In A Low Carbon Economy – Mid Project Event


Upcoming Event: Our 2050 – Opportunities for Ireland In A Low Carbon Economy

Mid-Project Event – June 22nd 2017
Wilton House, Dublin

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In 2015 Ireland’s energy system was 91% dependent on fossil fuels, but by 2050 Ireland has ambitions to decarbonize its energy system by “at least 80%[i]. The goal of an energy transition to a low carbon economy has been the basis for the energy white paper (Ireland’s Transition to a Low Carbon Energy Future), legislation (Climate Action and Low Carbon Development Act 2015) and an international agreement (Paris Agreement). But the challenge remains daunting and progress remains slow. Which technologies are needed to decarbonize the entire energy system? What changes will we need across society and for people? What will be the costs? What are the economic opportunities? What are the societal opportunities?

Researchers in the SFI MaREI Centre have established unique energy modelling capabilities over the past fifteen years to help answer some of these questions. NTR Foundation and SFI are funding an exciting new project called “Our 2050 – Opportunities for Ireland In A Low Carbon Economy” which will further enable MaREI “to develop the tools for transitioning to a sustainable low-carbon environment[ii]”. The Our 2050 project is developing tools to “help to create economic opportunities and to provide long-term societal and environmental benefits” associated with the energy transition. The Our 2050 project launched in April 2016 and is now at the halfway point where the project team are ready to share preliminary results and findings, and to engage with a wide audience of stakeholders at a mid-project event.

The Our 2050 – Mid Project Event will present and share:

  • preliminary findings on opportunities for Ireland in a low carbon economy
  • analysis on the impacts of the economy of increased renewable electricity
  • case-studies on:
    • lessons for wind energy,
    • innovation needs for ocean energy,
    • potential for energy efficiency in industry,
    • biogas in freight, and more
  • the implications of increased levels of decarbonisation ambition in 2050
  • an online app with preliminary results that can be further explored


The event will also engage with and take input from stakeholders on various aspects of the project including a multi-criteria analysis whereby input will be sought from the audience. 

To register now go to our Eventbrite page.

[i] Climate Action and Low-Carbon Development – National Policy Position Ireland

[ii] Innovation 2020