Alfonso Cohuo
PhD Student
Postgraduate Student
UCC Energy Transition, Blue Economy Coastal & Marine Systems
University College Cork


Alfonso is interested in using acoustic telemetry, video systems and biochemical analysis to describe fish ecology.


He is a PhD researcher at University College Cork working on the Tintreach project. Our group will use various methods to describe how movement, behaviors, distribution, and diversity may be impacted by offshore windfarms and their associated infrastructure.


Alfonso completed his bachelor’s degree at Texas A&M Corpus Christi in biology with a marine focus where he volunteered in two labs and was introduced to research. During his undergraduate degree, he was also a part of the McNair Scholars program, which supported him in presenting research in the lab at a national American Fisheries Society conference.

He completed his master’s degree at the University of Southern Mississippi in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. His project focused on the federally threatened and state-endangered Gulf Sturgeon (Acipenser oxyrinchus desotoi). He performed mark-recapture modelling and stable isotope analysis to understand the species’ population and feeding behaviours.

Feature Project


This project will investigate the effect of EMF from submerged electrical cables on the behaviour and movement pattens.

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