Basuraj Bhowmik
Post Doctoral Researcher
UCD Energy Transition Materials & Structures


His work focuses on real-time health assessment of our built infrastructure – especially renewable energy systems, civil structural establishment, and machinery – that cater to a wide range of market impactors, project managers, infrastructure owners, and practitioners. He seek to advance the nascent area of real-time in-situ monitoring strategies through my engagement at Dynamical systems and Risk Laboratory in the field of Structural Health Monitoring, Online system identification, Recursive damage identification, and localization.


Basuraj’s present engagement at Dynamical Systems and Risk Laboratory investigates, implements, and integrates new ideas, technologies, and algorithms for lossless data transmission, monitoring of physical establishments, managing built infrastructure, and controlling Marine and Renewable Energy systems. At the confluence of Mechanical, Electrical, and Civil Engineering, a significant portion of my strong interdisciplinary research is based on a strong mathematical foundation and real-time applications at its key vertical. I am available for collaboration in these topics and allied areas.


With previous experience in manufacturing process monitoring, real-time structural health monitoring and online system identification, I am a Project Management Professional aspirant with a PhD from the Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati, India.

Basuraj received his PhD on the topic of real-time condition monitoring of built infrastructure systems. The problem was motivated by the paucity of literature in this field. His recent work in the topic addressed this gap through theoretical developments, numerical simulations and experimentation. Overall his work established and advanced the field of real-time detection through a comprehensive treatment of first order perturbation systems. Basuraj currently works as a Postdoctoral Associate in the Dynamical Systems and Risk Laboratory. He is responsible for early and accurate prediction of downtime in Irish wind turbines. Basuraj was previously employed as a senior mechanical developer at Siemens, AG Ltd., India where he was responsible for monitoring of turbine blades and increasing fatigue life of rear stage turbines.