Chris Bean
Funded Investigator
Funded Investigator
DIAS Coastal & Marine Systems
Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies +353 (0)1 653 5147

Chris Bean holds a BA in Mathematics, M.Sc. in Applied Geophysics and a PhD in Seismology. He is currently Professor of Geophysics in the School of Cosmic Physics, at the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies. Previous positions include Professor of Geophysics at the School of Geological Sciences, University College Dublin and postdoctoral/visiting positions at Karlsruhe University, IPGP Paris, Stanford University and the University of Granada.


His research interests cover the quantification of ocean wave generated ambient microseism noise, ocean wave parameter estimation from microseisms, temporal monitoring of water column and near seafloor properties using time-lapse ambient noise seismo-acoustics. He has also published widely on micro-seismicity associated with the failure of weak materials, especially on volcanoes. His primary funders include the European Commission, SFI and industry. He is a co-PI in the SFI iCRAG centre.