Danielle Orrell
Post Doctoral Researcher
UCC Energy Transition, Blue Economy Coastal & Marine Systems


Aquatic ecologists focused on using biologging and integrative tools to address key management and conservation concerns.


Dr Danielle Orrell is currently working as a post-doctoral scholar at the University of Cork, Ireland on the CETUS project. Their role is to explore hotspots of elasmobranch (shark, skate and ray) movement, and potential areas of interaction with renewable energy developments.


Dr Orrell’s primary focus is investigating the movement ecology, and physiology and previous work has spanned a range of locations from Scotland, Africa, the Arctic and British Overseas Territories.

Feature Project


CETUS aims to find and compile all available datasets on sensitive megafauna species (cetaceans, elasmobranchs, turtles, and seabirds) and build a national standardised database which can support visualization and mapping of species distributions.

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