David Wall
UCC Energy Transition Advanced Fuels in the Circular Economy


Dr David Wall is a Lecturer in Transportation Engineering for the School of Engineering in UCC. David is a PI in the SFI-funded MaREI Centre for Energy, Climate and Marine, in Research Area 5 “Advanced Fuels and the Circular Economy”. He has published ca. 30 peer reviewed journal papers in the area of bioenergy and renewable gas (h-index of 20). 

David also co-represents Ireland at the International Energy Agency Bioenergy:Task 37 Biogas and has previously authored IEA Bioenergy reports on “Facilitating a future green gas grid through the production of renewable gas” and “Integration of biogas systems into the energy system”.

Current Activities

  • Renewable gas technologies (biogas, biomethane, biohydrogen)
  • Valorisation of waste streams through novel Circular Economy approaches
  • Cascading bioenergy systems for enhanced sustainability
  • Electrofuels (renewable fuels from non-biological origins)
  • Decarbonisation of transport and agriculture through bioenergy


David was a previous Teagasc Walsh Fellow and has a PhD in Energy Engineering. Prior to this, he obtained his MSc in Biosystems Engineering from Michigan State University, USA.

David has worked on a number of consultancy projects including SEAI’s “Assessment of the cost and benefits of biogas and biomethane in Ireland” and the Dingle Feasibility Study for creating a Sustainable Energy Community. He has also been a Guest Editor for the Frontiers of Energy Research Journal under the topic “Advanced Biofuel Production and Cascading Bioenergy Systems”.

David has three ongoing research projects: EPA funded NEWTRIENTS project, SEAI RD&D funded project Developing Economic solutions for on-farm Anaerobic Digestion technologies under Irish conditions (EcoAD) and the SFI Zero Emissions Challenge funded project ElectroFuels in A Circular Economy (EFACE).