Dr. Sonia Yeh
Professor in Transport and Energy Systems
Chalmers University of Technology

Dr. Sonia Yeh is Professor in Transport and Energy Systems in the Department of Space, Earth and Environment. Her expertise is in energy economics and energy system modeling, alternative transportation fuels, sustainability standards, technological change, and consumer behavior and urban mobility. Her role as Professor in Transport and Energy Systems is building ties with faculty, researchers and students whose research interests lie in the distinct disciplines of energy, system modeling, sustainability, and information and communication technology (ICT), and bring them together in an emerging space of system modeling for the sustainability of integrated mobility. Throughout her work, she has advised and worked broadly with U.S. state and international advisers, policymakers, a wide range of stakeholder groups and academic researchers in developing climate policies toward reducing the environmental impacts and GHG emissions from transport. She served as Fulbright Distinguished Chair Professor in Alternative Energy Technology in 2016-2017 and was awarded Håkan Frisinger Award by Volvo Research and Educational Foundations in 2019.