Emilio Laino
PhD Student
Postgraduate Student
UCC Energy Transition, Blue Economy Offshore Renewable Energy


In many European countries, the coastal zone is often not only densely populated but also the focus of much economic activity. The sea level and temperature rise are poised to exacerbate a series of hazards in the coastal cities, affecting large human and ecological values. Emilio’s research activity aims to foster the development of integrated coastal zone management (ICZM) tools, ecosystem-based approaches (EBA) and nature-based solutions (NBS) to address the challenge of climate change in Europe.


Emilio is a PhD student at University College Cork, holding a PhD Research Position within the “Smart Control of the Climate Resilience in European Coastal Cities (SCORE)” EU-funded project and collaborating in the EU-funded project “Study on the Offshore Energy Potential in the Atlantic Ocean”.


He is a Spanish Civil Engineer (BEng & MEng) with a background in Coastal and Port Engineering and Geotechnics.

Feature Project


SCORE aims to reduce the impacts of sea-level rise and extreme events due to climate change on European coastal cities and settlements.

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