Hani Alkhatib
PhD Student
Postgraduate Student
TU Dublin Energy Transition, Climate Action Materials & Structures


New materials have enabled building facades to collect, store and re-direct energy to achieve zero-carbon emissions. This PhD research project will examine data requirements, control strategies, specific adaptive building fabric elements, the building’s heat and electricity distribution systems, energy use devices and sensors using (i) building simulation models, (ii) experimental work on a room-scale test cell to provide measured data on the control parameters of adaptive fabric elements and (iii) validation data sets for comparison with simulation outputs of real building case studies. The objective is to contribute to optimisation of cyberphysical facade – ICT systems in buildings.

Current Activities

Currently researching and exploring control strategies for adaptive façades in Energy Lab Tu Dublin using a room-scale test cell and by using simulations in IDA ICE. The research currently focuses on the Control Parameter for switchable glazing in adaptive façade by using Rule-Based method and Model Predictive Control. 


Bachelor’s in mechanical engineering (The University of Jordan), MSc in Energy (Heriot Watt University).