Maha Sohail
PhD Student
Postgraduate Student
MTU Cork Energy Transition, Climate Action Energy Management
Munster Technological University


Maha Sohail is a Doctoral Student at MaREI, currently pursuing her PhD under the supervision of Dr. Paul D. O’Sullivan and Dr. Adam O’Donovan at MeSSO Research Group, Munster Technological University, Cork. Her PhD project title is “Development of a building design process for increasing the thermal resilience of non-domestic buildings using ventilative cooling solutions”.


Maha holds a BSc in Architectural Engineering (with honours) from University of Engineering and Technology (Lahore, Pakistan) and a MSc degree in Architectural Engineering Design (with Merit) from the University of Sheffield (Sheffield, United Kingdom. Her Master’s Dissertation project titled; “Designing naturally ventilated towers for tropical and sub-tropical cities” and a 6-page conference paper (see Previous Publications section) was extracted from this project which allowed her to present her work at M.Sc. Conference of Department of Civil and Structural Engineer, University of Sheffield.  

After this period, Maha has worked in diverse working roles in the construction industry within Pakistan, in architectural design and engineering, site supervision, project management and estimation roles. Her responsibilities included overseeing the completion of several residential building projects locally and landmark commercial projects based in the United States of America.

After exiting university and during employment, she maintained her scientific curiosity and used the opportunity to further develop her academic writing skills by expanding her M.Sc. research and publishing it as a journal article (details below) as a sole author in the journal Environmental and Climate Technologies (indexed by Scopus and Web of Science). To date, the paper has already been cited 9 times and been read 2300 times.

Following the success of publishing the journal article and the enthusiasm this generated for her, she desired to further pursue publishing her research, in this case, as a book (details below). She carried out extensive research in summarizing the overall function of a Mosque, identification of key issues in its design, and presenting the account of present and proposed solutions in terms of its sustainability design.


 Research Paper:

Sohail, M. (2017) An Attempt to Design a Naturally Ventilated tower in Subtropical Climate of the Developing Country, Pakistan. Environmental and Climate Technologies Journal of Riga Technical University, 21 (1), pp. 47-67.

Conference Proceeding:

Sohail, M, 2015, “Designing naturally ventilated towers for tropical and subtropical cities”, paper presented at the M.Sc. Conference, Department of Civil and Structural Engineering, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, United Kingdom, 15 September 2015.



Sohail, M. (2018) The Mosque – An Architectural Overview. [paperback] Amazon.