Martyna Bartusiak
PhD Student
Postgraduate Student
Energy Transition, Climate Action Materials & Structures

Martyna is currently pursuing a PhD under the supervision of Dr. Mary Pryce (Dublin City University) and Prof. Kevin Ryan (University of Limerick). The research is entitled ‘’Dye Synthesised Solar Cells for producing hydrogen (DSSCH2). Hydrogen generated using sunlight, paves the way for the technology to become a viable green alternative to fossil fuels. The research focuses on the synthesis of photosensitisers for light harvesting and hydrogen generation.


Martyna graduated from DCU in 2021 with a First-Class Honours degree in Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences. She worked with Dr. Mary Pryce in the fourth year of her study for Final Year Project. This research was focused on light-driven photocatalytic compounds, their abilities to harvest light, produce hydrogen and their sustainability, respectively. Working in the Mary Pryce Research Group increased her interest in the research areas such as protection of the planet, renewable sources of energy and the ‘’hydrogen economy’’.