Talie Tohidi Moghadam
PhD Student
Postgraduate Student
UCC Energy Transition Energy Policy & Modelling

Talie is a PhD student in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at University College Cork. She has received her M.Sc. Degree in Architectural Engineering from Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Iran, in which she has carried out in-depth research on the integration of energy-related concepts and methodologies in the architectural design of environmentally comfortable buildings.

Her Master’s project mainly focused on broad sustainability agendas and energy-resilient solutions in the scale of a high-rise building and it was ultimately honored in the USA CTBUH 2018 Student Design Competition.

Talie’s current research highly focuses on methodologies and solutions in providing buildings’ health status while achieving energy-resiliency through measuring and monitoring building retrofits that impact human health and comfort.

Her PhD project at UCC is under the supervision and co-supervision of Dr. Dominic O’Sullivan at Intelligent Efficiency Research Group (IERG) of UCC and Dr. Carlos E. Ochoa Morales at International Energy Research Centre (IERC) and it particularly concentrates on “Methodologies to use energy-efficient retrofits to achieve adaptive homes that provide healthy and comfortable indoor environments with effective delivery”.

Along with her three-year experience of teaching and a research assistantship, publishing and presenting papers in scientific journals and international conferences and her technical capabilities, she aims at enriching her knowledge on energy-related topics through her doctoral studies and close collaboration with industry and other ERBE CDT members.