Thomas van Rensburg
Funded Investigator

Economic valuation, social acceptance, and adoption of renewable energy technologies


Thomas van Rensburg is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Business and Economics at NUI Galway. He is currently involved in a study on the economic analysis of the adoption of green gas technologies in Ireland. The study will employ discrete choice modeling techniques to evaluate supply side factors that influence technology adoption and diffusion.


Other related projects on renewable energy include a recent study funded by SEAI on an economic analysis of public preferences for wind farms in Ireland.  This project investigates the social acceptance of both offshore and onshore wind farms in Ireland. He has 6 PhD completions and presently has two PhD students working on the economics of renewable energy. His current research focuses on renewable energy economics and policy, energy transitions, renewable energy governance, adoption of renewable energy technologies, energy planning, community energy initiatives, valuation of environmental public goods, externalities and ecosystem services and the economic analysis of institutions.