Xiufeng Yue
Post Doctoral Researcher
UCC Energy Transition, Climate Action Energy Policy & Modelling


Xiufeng Yue is a post-doctoral researcher and is based in the Environmental Research Institute in University College Cork. Xiufeng is an expert user in TIMES energy systems modelling. He is interested in exploring resilient transition pathways towards deep decarbonization with a focus on uncertainties.

Current Activities

Xiufeng currently participates in the CHIMERA partnership project SFI-NSFC with Tsinghua and Peking universities.


Xiufeng holds a BMath from University of Waterloo, an MEngSc (Sustainable Energy) from UCC, and a PhD (Energy Engineering) from UCC under the supervision of Prof. Brian Ó Gallachóir. For his PhD, he explored deep decarbonization pathways and resilient technology opportunities using scenario ensembles from the Irish TIMES energy system model.