Yvonne Buckley
Trinity College Dublin Energy Transition, Climate Action


Yvonne Buckley is the Professor of Zoology at Trinity College Dublin. She is the co-champion of the multidisciplinary “Smart & Sustainable Planet” research theme and a Co-Director of Nature+: The Trinity Centre for Biodiversity & Sustainable Nature-based Solutions. Prof. Buckley has research interests in determining the future of how we live well on the planet, environmental decision making, population ecology and quantitative ecology. She leads a team of post-doctoral researchers, PhD, and undergraduate research students seeking to understand the fundamental drivers of animal and plant population processes in a rapidly changing world. She uses these discoveries to provide support for environmental decisions in the areas of biodiversity conservation, invasive species management and habitat restoration. Prof. Buckley’s research combines data collection in the lab, field or from the literature with quantitative modeling techniques that enable analysis and prediction of responses of populations to underlying drivers and manipulations. Prof. Buckley is interested in the development of ecology as a discipline, she was the founding President of a learned society for ecologists in Ireland, is Vice President for the British Ecological Society and co-Chair of the All Island Climate and Biodiversity Research Network and Senior Editor of Journal of Ecology. She is also active in mentoring women in higher education at all levels.


Professor Buckley is originally from North Cork in Ireland and received a B.A in Biology (1st class) from Oxford University and a Ph.D. from Imperial College London (2002). She has worked at Imperial College London and the University of Queensland, Australia before joining Trinity College Dublin in 2014.