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Funding Body

Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment (KLD), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (UD) and the oil industry


Hallvard Strøm, Norwegian Polar Institute

Research Partners

Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (NINA), Norwegian Polar Institute (NPI)

Project Partners

MaREI, School of Biological Environmental and Earth Sciences (UCC) & many others including Norway, Ireland, UK, Svalbard, Russia, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Canada, Greenland.

Research Area

Marine Ecology




Before the relatively recent emergence of light-logging technology, tracking the movements of seabirds throughout the year was very difficult. For some smaller species, it was close to impossible and extremely expensive. As a result, we knew little about what ocean regions the different species inhabit outside the breeding season. Now, with a combined effort of researchers all around the North-East Atlantic participating in SEATRACK, light-logging technology has enabled mapping of important seabird wintering areas and migration routes on a much larger scale and in greater detail than ever before, yielding new and important information needed for the management of seabirds in North Atlantic waters.


SEATRACK aims to map the non-breeding distribution of seabirds breeding in colonies encircling the Labrador, Greenland, Barents, Norwegian, North, and Irish Seas, which includes colonies in Canada, Greenland, Russia, Norway including Svalbard and Jan Mayen, Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Ireland, and Great Britain.


Email – ei.ccu@ybraD.eimaJ