The Marine Energy Alliance


The Marine Energy Alliance

Start Date

May 2018

End Date

May 2022

Funding Body

Interreg NWE


The Dutch Marine Energy Centre (DMEC)

Project Partners

The European Marine Energy Centre Limited United Kingdom

MaREI – Ireland

Ecole Centrale de Nantes France

Exceedence Limited Ireland


Stichting Maritiem Research Instituut Nederland Netherlands

Navingo BV Netherlands

University of Edinburgh United Kingdom

Project Manager

Fiona Fleming

Research Area

Commercialisation and Innovation of Marine Energy


The Marine Energy Alliance

Project Information

The Marine Energy Alliance (MEA) is a 4 year European Territorial Cooperation project.

The aim of MEA is to progress the technical and commercial maturity level of early-stage (TRL 3 – 4) marine energy technology companies with the overall goal of reducing the risk of device failure in subsequent demonstration phases.

Via MEA, selected marine energy technology companies to receive a suite of tailored expert services that will enable them to realise their ambitions and, more broadly, contribute to the coherent growth of the marine energy industry in general.

Through participation in MEA, companies will gain access to the project partners’ world-leading expertise in marine energy development. Awarded companies will have the chance to work closely together with a transnational team of marine energy experts on both the technical advancement of their technology, as well as the development of their commercial strategy and business plans. Each service offer is intended to put the company’s technology and business firmly on the road towards successful commercialisation.

The Marine Energy Alliance (MEA) unites regional expertise and capabilities of leading organisations with a track-record in ME development. The main objective is to progress the combined technical and commercial maturity level of 40 SMEs developing ME Concepts (TRL 3-4), reducing the risk in the subsequent capital-intensive demonstration phase by 20%. To ensure long-lasting impact, an after-care module is put in place in which after-care plans of the ME Concepts are carefully monitored. A ME Investment Portfolio enabling investors to diversify risk by investing in multiple ME Concepts simultaneously will be developed. These activities support 120 companies in bringing new products to the market and leverage €8 million of additional funding. To sustain MEA, lessons-learned in the service delivery to individual ME Concepts are used to develop a Technical & Commercial Service Offer, which will be jointly implemented after the project lifetime. This Service Offer aims to support another 40 ME Concepts.

Work Packages

WP P Preparation

WP LT Long term

LT.1.1 deliverable – Concept Booster Outcomes

LT.2.2 deliverable – Blueprint of the ME Investment Portfolio

LT.3.1 deliverable – Aftercare plans with progress updates

LT.5.1 deliverable – MEA Technical and Commercial Service

LT.5.2 deliverable – Free online Self-Assessment Tool for ME Concepts to benchmark maturity level

LT.5.3 deliverable – Marine Energy Alliance business plan


WP M Project management

M.1.1 deliverable – Project Handbook

M.1.2 deliverable – MEA SharePoint

M.1.3 deliverable – Minutes of Steering Committee meetings

M.2.1 deliverable – Bi-annual progress reports

M.3.1 deliverable – Risk mitigation plan and Risk Register


WP T1 Award 40 Voucher Contracts for support to ME Concepts – led by MaREI

T1.1.1 deliverable – Evaluation procedure to select most promising ME Concepts

T1.1.2 deliverable – Call for Support documents for Call 1 and Call 2

T1.2.1 deliverable – ESB Composition

T1.2.2 deliverable – List of awarded submissions from Call 1 and Call 2

T1.3.1 deliverable – Benchmarking reports

T1.3.2 deliverable – Refined TRL/TPL/CRL assessment framework

T1.4.1 deliverable – Signed Voucher Contracts


WP T2 Accelerate 40 ME Concepts in tailored Support Tracks

T2.1.1 deliverable – Work plans

T2.2.1 deliverable – Complemented work plans with progress updates

T2.3.1 deliverable – Complemented work plans with re-benchmark assessment and after-care plan

T2.4.1 deliverable – Two Experience & Learning workshops


WP C Communication

C.1.1 deliverable – Communication and Dissemination Strategy and Workplan

C.1.2 deliverable – Visual identity

C.1.3 deliverable – Digital presence

C.2.1 deliverable – Repository of publications used for the MEA awareness campaign

C.3.1 deliverable – Repository of publications

C.4.1 deliverable – Event calendar

C.4.2 deliverable – Three editions of the Marine Energy Pavilion at the Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference

C.4.3 deliverable – End-of-project Conference

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