Report: Irish electricity and gas demand to 2050

new report by MaREI in University College Cork for Friends of the Earth shows that to meet climate commitments, natural gas must be rapidly phased out of Ireland’s energy system, along with peat, coal and oil.

The report was written by Professor Hannah Daly based on modelling analysis coordinated by Dr. Olexandr Balyk at the ERI Energy Modelling and Research Group. Dr. Paul Deane of the MaREI Centre provided review comments. Their analysis shows gas demand for electricity generation must more than halve this decade and fall by 90 per cent by 2040 relative to 2020. 

Our report also shows the actual utilisation of power stations must halve this decade: natural gas must be reserved for times when electricity demand can’t be met with carbon-free electricity sources
Hannah Daly
Professor of Sustainable Energy
MaREI at University College Cork

View the report.

Hannah also wrote about the report for the Irish Times in her column ‘At a Time of Climate Crisis’. You can read it here.