Research Fellow – Climate Risk and Adaptation

We are seeking a Research Fellow with significant experience in Climate Risk and Adaptation. The Research Fellow will manage a team of researchers, undertake research leading to high impact publications and will ensure the successful delivery of climate risk and adaptation projects. With a scientific and evidence-based approach, the Research Fellow will develop and implement effective strategies to manage tasks and deliver projects across the research team for all funders including EU, EPA etc. This role reports to the Director.
Post Duration: 30 months
Salary: €56,933 – €62,037 p.a. (IUA Salary Scale)
Project Title: Climate Risk and Adaptation Research Team Lead
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Informal enquiries can be made in confidence to Dr Gillian Bruton, MaREI Centre; Email: ei.ccu@noturb.g.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Research Fellow will plan, coordinate, and organize technical work on projects including the EPA funded service, Climate Ireland, the national source of climate change and adaptation information. Specifically, this role entails ensuring that the three core functions of Climate Ireland, as detailed below, operate to the highest standards and are consistent with international best practice, scientific excellence and national policy:
  • Climate Ireland Online Platform: The Climate Ireland online platform is recognised as Ireland’s one-stop web-based source of climate and adaptation information. The platform provides information to increase awareness and understanding of climate change and adaptation (Getting Started), the climate and adaptation information required to develop adaptation plans (Information and Data), and tailored wizards and tools to support the development of adaptation plans in accordance with the best available information and data, national policy and guidance (Plan and Manage)
  • Policy and Planning Support: Climate Ireland works directly with Government Departments and State Agencies to inform policy and develop policy and decision-making supports in line with international best practice and identified user needs
  • Capacity Building: Climate Ireland develops and delivers training programmes to support the development and implementation of adaptation strategies and plans. These programmes are developed in consultation with Government Departments, State Agencies and the Local Authority Sector. Climate Ireland directly supports sectoral and local adaptation planning teams in the development and subsequent implementation of their strategies (Adaptation and Climate Action)


MaREI is a key research centre within UCC’s Environmental Research Institute (ERI), which is an internationally recognised Institute for environmental research dedicated to the understanding and protection of our natural environment and to developing innovative technologies, tools and services to facilitate a transformation to a zero carbon and resource efficient society. The MaREI Centre is an SFI funded research centre headquartered in the ERI and includes 13 other Universities and Third Level Institutes from across Ireland, has 50 industrial partners and has accumulated research funding of approximately €60m. It combines the expertise of a wide range of research groups and industry partners, with the shared mission of solving the main scientific, technical and socio-economic challenges across the climate, energy and marine spaces.  MaREI is also funded by SEAI, EI, EPA, ERDF, EU, HEA, Marine Institute, DCCAE and IRC, as well as through contributions from our industry partners. Researchers in the MaREI Centre have over 30 years of experience in conducting fundamental and applied research supported by competitively won national and international funding, and commercial contracts with government agencies and industry. MaREI’s strengths lie in the multi-disciplinary nature of its research teams, allowing it to combine insights across areas such as MRE Technologies, Materials & Structures, Observations & Operations, Coastal & Marine Systems, Bioenergy, Energy Policy & Modelling and Renewable Energy Management

Candidates should apply, in confidence, before 12 noon (Irish Local Time) on Friday, 21st October 2022. 

No late applications will be accepted.