MaREI has a strong history of nurturing and creating leading & inspirational researchers, and we strive to ensure that the research experience is a happy and enjoyable one, with student welfare at the heart of what we do. Graduate researchers tend to be individuals who are highly motivated and academically strong. However, these characteristics do not insulate them from the pressures everyone feels and can sometimes even intensify them. 

The timeframe for a research degree is long, and it is not unusual to run out of persistence or energy from time to time. MaREI has a dedicated PhD Co-ordinator who is on hand to provide ongoing support and to ensure your PhD experience is the best it can be. Our  PhD Co-ordinator will support you as you transition into academic life, as you navigate your studentship and as you prepare to graduate and move into the next chapter of your career.

This support includes:

PhD Application Stage

  • Assistance with the application process through the required Application System
  • For EU, non-EU & international students; guidance regarding registering for a PPS Number, the Irish Residence Permit, opening a bank account & providing letters of support for visa applications
  • Guidance around relocating to the respective partner institution

Early PhD stage

  • Face-to-face meetings & introductions (in person and/or virtual)
  • Induction documentation & settling in
  • Provision of and guidance around formulating a workable Training & Development Plan which will help steer your PhD
  • Profile Building & social engagement plan
  • Your mental and physical wellbeing

Mid PhD stage

  • Engagement with a wide range of personal and professional development workshops, seminars & programmes
  • Social events
  • Promotional support regarding publication of articles, speaking opportunities etc
  • Continuous and ongoing assessment of the training & development plan

Late PhD stage

  • Support during the writing up phase
  • Assistance in the organisation of viva date & preparations
  • Career development support during final year to generate awareness around employment opportunities in and outside academia
  • Promotion of commercialisation & entrepreneurship opportunities which may be of interest

You will also work with the wider MaREI Operational Team who are uniquely equipped to give excellent insights into writing research proposals, engaging with industry, commercialisation, intellectual property, marketing, outreach, public engagement, communications & branding.

The combination of support from your PhD Co-Ordinator and the wider MaREI team will ensure your PhD experience is informed, relevant and enjoyable.