Nicole Todd, 2nd Year PhD Student, UCC

"This year it has been really great to delve into the more practical side of my PhD with commencing my own fieldwork and data collection. With a lot of planning, organisation and being on storm watch for weeks on end, I finally got to deploy my equipment at sea! Of course, there have been trials and tribulations associated with this… a few more than perhaps expected. However, the support of my supervisors and research team taught me the lesson that a huge part of doing a PhD is overcoming problems and adapting for the future. I’m looking forward to what 2021 has to bring."

PhD Project Title: A multi-method approach to understanding the ecology of harbour porpoise in Irish waters

Cian Luck, 4th Year PhD Student, UCC

"Doing my PhD in MaREI, surrounded by professional researchers with years of experience, made it feel much more like work than study, which I enjoyed. The four-year project allowed me to develop my portfolio of research and professional skills while addressing real-world issues; sustainable fishing in my case. From day one, I felt fully integrated into a diverse and multi-talented team in MaREI and made lots of cherished memories, including catching seals in the wilds of Mayo, networking at international conferences, and countless laughter-filled coffee breaks. I felt very fortunate to undertake my PhD in MaREI, and despite the many challenges that come with every PhD, I enjoyed (almost) every minute."

PhD Project Title: Bycatch of a protected species, the Atlantic grey seal, in static net fisheries: untangling the problem

Jason McGuire, 2nd Year PhD Student, UCC

"My first year as a PhD student has allowed me to explore topics which are of interest to me personally, this topics will now form part of my PhD. Im self-motivated so I’ve had a busy year attending conferences (mainly virtual), participating in research collaboration, attending UCC modules, assisting in lectures, submitting reports, public outreach and presenting results.
My two supervisors have always been available, fortnightly meetings have kept me moving towards the end goal. I found it did take a lot of time to explore my topics of interest, and find which ones I can integrate into my PhD.
The Energy Policy and Modelling Group in MaREI works closely with government departments and plays an important role in exploring Ireland’s energy system, not only am I learning alongside some of the best in the business, but my work is impactful now."

PhD Project Title: Modelling Carbon Budgets & Exploring Sustainable Energy Pathways for Ireland