RRING Limited Offer of Free Membership – join a global community seeking to promote and develop RRI

RRING is a H2020 consortium project, coordinated by University College Cork, which seeks to promote mutual learning and collaboration in responsible research and innovation (RRI).

RRING would like to offer you an opportunity to join their growing global community which seeks to promote and develop responsible research and innovation in conjunction with supporting the implementation of the UNESCO Recommendation on Science and Scientific Researchers (2017). You will be joining other important stakeholders in research and innovation, including representatives in government, academia, industry, as well as societal actors.

Free membership for a limited time

Membership to those that join in this first phase of RRING is completely free of charge. The closing date for signing up under the trial registration is Sunday, February 28, 2021.

Register at: https://rring.eu/community/

Benefits of RRING Membership

You will be joining a number of high-profile research institutions that already have members within the community. RRING members will contribute to collectively assessing how well research and innovation is doing relative to the standards of the UNESCO Recommendation on Science and Scientific Researchers.

Membership within the RRING community will offer:

  • Workshop events and training opportunities
  • Comprehensive contacts database
  • Valuable networking opportunities
  • Global communications platform