SELKIE sets up free tank testing for Ocean Energy Developers

SELKIE and Lir-National Ocean Test Facility (Lir NOTF) have teamed up to offer the programme which will provide free access to the facilities of Lir-NOTF to Irish and Welsh offshore renewable energy (ORE) developers.

This access programme to the Lir-NOTF is designed to enable the testing and progression of ORE technologies through the early development stages in advance of open sea testing.

It is supported by SELKIE and is open to any type of wave or tidal ORE technology which can be tested at the Lir NOTF.

“The Lir NOTF is Ireland’s primary facility for testing and development of offshore technologies and has a long track record in supporting offshore renewable energy (ORE) technologies through early-stage technology readiness level (TRL) development”, SELKIE said.

The project, led by a consortium of six partner organisations, brings together academia and industry through the development of open-source, multi-use tools and models to reduce MRE costs as well as developing a cross-border innovation network to increase and diversify MRE businesses in Wales and Ireland.

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Ireland and Wales have a large wave and tidal resource, which has the potential to provide significant low carbon energy. The development of successful MRE sector will lead to the production of clean electricity, job creation and technology export to a worldwide market.

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