The IEA Wind Task 49 Reference Floating Wind Array Design Basis

MaREI’s Fiona Devoy McAuliffe from University College Cork contributed to the IEA Wind Task 49 Reference Floating Wind Array Design Basis report. Read it here.


International Energy Agency Wind Technology Collaboration Programme (IEA Wind) Task 49 on Integrated Design of Floating Wind Arrays is an international collaboration aiming to advance the development of large-scale floating wind farms by providing open-access resources to the research and development and planning communities. The work of Task 49 focuses on array-level challenges related to the colocation of many floating wind turbines; their layouts, mooring systems, and cabling systems; failure risks; logistical considerations; marine spatial planning needs; and future research needs and innovation directions. This report provides a general design basis for the development of reference floating wind farm designs. These reference array designs will extend the scope of existing reference floating wind turbine designs to facilitate research on array-level floating wind technology challenges and innovations. The design basis promotes coordination and consistency in developing the reference array designs.