Field Robotics

MaREI’s ‘Field Robotics’ capabilities focus on the development of ICT and robotics systems to support the planning, construction and maintenance phases of marine and renewable energy installations, and to facilitate increased automation of inspection and intervention activities. Conventional systems are likely to prove inadequate in the challenging high-energy conditions inherent to such applications. The ‘Field Robotics’ team work closely with the ‘Marine Operations, Maintenance & Management’, ‘Ocean Observation’, and ‘Earth Observation’ teams to provide a holistic and integrated approach to the optimisation and advancement of MaREI’s Observation & Operations objectives. Researchers on the ‘Field Robotics’ team have access to state-of-the-art marine robotics facilities that include the 1000m depth-rated ROV-LATIS, mini-ROVs, AUVs, UAVs and supporting infrastructure.

Higher degrees of automation with regard to inspection and intervention will be necessary in order to achieve reductions in cost, with the associated systems being required to operate in challenging conditions, comprising both strong current and wave regimes. For more information relating to MaREI’s ‘Marine Operations, Maintenance & Management’ capabilities, please contact one of the team members below, or visit the following link.

Core Research Areas Include

  • Development of ROV/AUV/UAV and airborne inspection technologies
  • Sensor-based approaches to monitoring and inspection, utilising acoustic and camera-based imaging for registration, positioning, navigation and visualisation systems to facilitate ROV inspection
  • Development of control strategies for ‘intervention in motion’ utilising real-time video and high-resolution sonar servoing systems
  • Remote presence/communications and high-speed data security provision for remote monitoring and control of robotics intervention

Ongoing Projects

  • Awesco – Creation of a new generation of leading European scientists, by training Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) in training-by-research environments.
  • Excellabust – Aims to significantly strengthen marine robotics research by addressing networking gaps and deficiencies that exist between key organisations at the EU level.