A new paper on sustainable and net-zero cities

A new paper from MaREI researchers at University College Cork Anna O’Regan and Marguerite Nyhan titled ‘Towards sustainable and net-zero cities: A review of environmental modelling and monitoring tools for optimizing emissions reduction strategies for improved air quality in urban areas’ is available to read here

The overall aim of the paper is to provide a summary of key and emerging environmental and health modelling tools to support the formation of policies. This will in turn lead to a reduction in GHG emissions while also improving air quality and health in urban areas. 


  • Greenhouse gas emission reduction and improving air quality are strongly interlinked.
  • Urban greenspace will play an important role in the transition to net-zero.
  • Policy synergies for achieving net-zero and improving air quality must be identified.
  • Technological advancements must be leveraged to support the formation of policy.
  • Future policies must also reduce climate and health inequalities.