At a Time of Climate Crisis: Green hydrogen: Cause for hope or hype?

In the rush to decarbonise our energy supply, Ireland should proceed with caution before committing to hydrogen

MaREI researcher Dr Hannah Daly at ERI, University College Cork has written an article for her monthly column for the Irish Times entitled ‘Green hydrogen: Cause for hope or hype?’. 

The word “opportunity” appears many times throughout the long-awaited National Hydrogen Strategy, reflecting the ambition for Ireland to exploit a vast offshore wind-energy resource and become a net energy exporter.

The idea of turning this wind resource into green hydrogen, by using renewable electricity to split water molecules, requires careful thought. Will there even be significant global trade in renewable fuels, like there is for fossil fuels? And if there is, does Ireland have any comparative advantage that would allow it compete in that trade? Is there even any reason to think Ireland’s domestic energy system will need hydrogen that would justify the State investing in the fuel?

These questions are far from being resolved, and should be closely examined before the State commits resources to hydrogen.

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