Biodiversity-friendly renewable energy set to move centre stage

A new article written by MaREI at Trinity College Dublin’s Yvonne Buckley, investigator on the Nature+Energy Project, discusses how biodiversity-friendly renewable energy set to move centre stage.

There is clear scientific consensus that we need to transform our energy systems to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and play our part in limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees. Ireland’s climate action plan includes an increase in renewables from 30 per cent of our current energy needs to 70 per cent by 2030. This means more wind turbines, solar panels and crops planted as biofuels. Onshore wind, solar and biofuels will compete with other land uses in Ireland such as agriculture, forestry and habitats rich in biodiversity.

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Nature+Energy is founded on the idea that wind farms have the potential to provide so much more than renewable energy.

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