Brian Norton to sit on the Energy Efficiency and Buildings panel for the RIA conference ‘Achieving Ireland’s climate action ambitions’

February 25, 2021 9:00 am

The RIA conference will showcase cutting-edge thinking on efficiency, decarbonisation and sustainability in electricity, transport and heating.

By addressing climate action from an engineering perspective, this conference aims to encourage debate and discussion and to highlight areas that are of strategic importance as Ireland strives to reach its 2030 Climate Action Plan targets. Ireland’s decarbonisation pathway to 2030 as set out in the Climate Action Plan requires that ambitious targets be met in electricity, transport and heating by 2030. This programme of transformation is now urgent as the 2020 targets fell significantly short for transport and heating, while renewable energy in electricity was progressing. There is growing pressure politically and from civic society to accelerate progress to achieve the targets.

MaREI Principal Investigator Brian Norton will be joining:

Chair: Dr Frank McGovern, EPA Chief Climate Scientist
1.50p.m. Dr Lisa Ryan, Assistant Professor in Energy
Economics, UCD: ‘The economics of
decarbonisation in Ireland’
2.05p.m. Professor Brian Norton, Head of Energy Research,
Tyndall National Institute: ‘Decarbonisation of
2.20p.m. Dr Matt Kennedy, UCC on ‘Building resilience for
climate adaptation’
2.35p.m. Discussion Q&A
3.05p.m. Tea/Coffee Break

Full details on registration can be found here