Engaging Citizens on Energy Communities – Energy Café

June 20, 2024 10:30 am

Energy Communities offer the potential to empower citizens to become active participants in energy systems, as they can act as both consumers and producers of energy. This collective mobilization allows them to engage centrally in the energy transition and decarbonization activities.

Although the potential of Energy Communities to empower citizens is clear, the challenge remains on how to engage citizens in the topic of energy. Through a series of presentations, this webinar will (1) outline the broad range of such methods and associated considerations for practitioners (2) highlight the example of Energy Cafés applied in Cascais, and (3) explore the role of energy cooperatives in establishing energy communities.

Energy Cafés have been developed as a means through which free energy-saving advice can be provided in public and community spaces. Activities like these play an important role in building conversations with citizens about energy and can help support the establishment of Energy Communities.

Free initiative with mandatory registration: Here

Location: online

The webinar will be in English.

More information: tp.etneibmasiacsac@amilc

This event is organised by Cascais Ambiente | SHiFT COST Action | Coopérnico with Evan Boyle from MaREI.