Title: EODAT

Start Year: 2016

End Year: 2018

Funding Body: ESA

Coordinator: Terrasigna

Research Area: Observation & Operations

Key Contact: Dr Barry O’Dwyer


The ESA-funded Earth Observation Uptake in Developing Countries (EODAT) project is demonstrating the capability for EO data to be harnessed in providing high quality geo-information services which align with ESA, World Bank, and Inter-American Development Bank priorities. Of the 6 service demonstrations in development, UCC is leading the implementation of a capacity building service focused on Coastal Inundation in the North Indian Ocean region. Service delivery involves implementation of an online and hands-on learning course (to be held in the NIO region) covering various topics which affect the extent and impact of coastal inundation, and demonstrating the capacity for EO data analysis to contribute to information delivery in each topic area.