MSCA Individual Fellowships 2020

MaREI – the SFI Centre for Energy, Climate and Marine is seeking to recruit high-calibre, motivated, experienced researchers through the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions 2020 Individual Fellowship Programme.


The MaREI Centre wishes to recruit high-calibre, motivated, experienced researchers (who fully satisfy the eligibility requirements) through the MSCA 2020 Individual Fellowship Programme.

About MaREI

MaREI is a national research centre comprising 13 partner institutions, coordinated by the Environmental Research Institute (ERI) at University College Cork. MaREI’s  strategic research priorities focus on the Energy Transition, Climate Action and the Blue Economy and research is undertaken within seven key areas: Offshore Renewable Energy; Material and Structures, Observation and Monitoring, Coastal and Marine Systems, Biofuels in the Circular Economy; Energy Policy and Modelling; and, Energy Management. MaREI’s mission to advance energy, climate, and marine research, innovation, and commercialisation is delivered through partnership and collaboration with academia, government and public bodies, and industry (75 industry partners including start-ups, SMEs and LMCs) located in 36 countries. Interested MSCA IF candidates will be seeking to conduct research within the abovementioned seven research areas of MaREI.

MaREI MSCA IF Supervisors

Jeremy Gault

Area: Coastal and Marine Systems

Prof Gregorio Iglesias

Area: Offshore Renewable Energy

Prof John Ringwood

Area: Offshore Renewable Energy

Prof. Vikram Pakrashi

Area: Materials and Structures

MaREI is an excellent host organisation for MSCA Fellows given the Centre’s reputation as a high performing research organisation – we have secured over €25M through EU programmes in the last six years, our commitment to supporting industry, informing policy and empowering society via impactful research. MaREI also offers unique world-class infrastructure and testing facilities which include: the Lir National Ocean Test Facility (Lir-NOTF); Limerick Docks tidal tow-testing facility; NUIG Structural Research Laboratory; Coastal Observing Radar System; and Mace Head Atmospheric Research Station.

Successful candidates will conduct research in a highly multi-disciplinary, industry facing work environment, where professional development at all career stages is encouraged and supported.

How to apply?

Candidates may apply for either the Standard European Fellowship or the Global Fellowship.  The Standard European Fellowship (max. 24 months) is open to all nationalities and is ideal if you have not spent more than 12 months in Ireland in the 3 years before the call deadline of 09/09/2020 (standard MSCA mobility rules). The Global Fellowship (max. 36 months) is open to EU/Associated Country citizens and long-term residents. The outgoing phase is 12-24 months in a Third Country with a return phase of 12 months at MaREI in Ireland (standard MSCA mobility rules apply to Third Country).

Interested candidates should contact the supervisor with whom they wish to work (email addresses supplied in profiles) by June 22nd 2020, 17:00 Irish Time. Candidates should send their preferred supervisor a CV (5 pages max) and an overview of at least one potential research project idea which can be explored further with the supervisor.

Once an IF candidate and MaREI Supervisor agree to work together, the candidate will receive support from the supervisor and Centre’s EU Grant Manager, Finance Manager and Clinical Research Manager throughout the application development process and, if successful, beyond to grant set-up and research study support.

Follow this link for more information on MSCA IF 2020.  The deadline for proposal submission is September 9th 2020 at 17:00 Brussels time. Please address any general queries about applying for this programme at MaREI to ei.ccu@ynohamo.c.