New paper on Carbon Capture by Photosynthesis of Plants

A new paper by MaREI at University College Cork researchers Archishman Bose, Richard O’Shea, and Jerry D. Murphy on ‘Carbon Capture by Photosynthesis of Plants’ is available here.

Carbon capture by photosynthesis presents the opportunity to effectively combine carbon capture and its subsequent utilization via production of value-added products directly from the captured carbon. This could potentially add considerable economic and environmental benefits to the carbon capture and utilization process. Accordingly, the chapter focuses on introducing the fundamentals of photosynthetic carbon capture using microalgae, a microscopic plant, Fundamentals of the overall process, together with process configuration and current state-of-the-art are discussed. Opportunities with the microalgal biomass, together with the economic, environmental and the practical challenges of the overall process are also discussed.

The paper is available to read here.