Julia Blanke
Post Doctoral Researcher
UCC Energy Transition Energy Management


Julia’s research interests are the modelling of human behaviour using theories from psychology and the social sciences and their translation into operational technological solutions. Behavioural modelling is not limited to a single area of interest but can be adapted to a broad spectrum of domains ranging, for example, from applications in the energy sector to health interventions, all the time focusing on relevant behaviours of participants.

The focus of her current research is in the area of energy behaviour to understand how human actors and their decisions and actions can be better utilised in the planning and operation of energy systems and beyond. Her work can be broken down into two major pillars, with one being citizen engagement and co-design research focusing on energy communities and the development and evaluation of tools for planning and implementation of local energy solutions. The second pillar of her research is the integration and operationalisation of behavioural models, making them more accessible to technological systems with a strong focus on residential demand response.

The outcome of her research always aims at facilitating the integration and operationalisation into technological solutions such as for example, behaviour digital twins or front-end applications.


Julia is currently participating in the energy-related Horizon project ENPOWER, working closely with end-users and citizens to foster broad and active involvement in the energy transition by applying a participatory and co-design methodology for stakeholder engagement.


Julia has been contributing to European Horizon research projects in the energy sector for many years. She holds a PhD in Psychology from the University of Luxembourg, researching the relationship between healthy and sustainable food shopping behaviour. She also holds a master’s degree (MA) in Social Behaviour Science and Educational Science from the University of Hagen (Germany) with a strong emphasis on work and organisational psychology.

Feature Project


ENPOWER is a three-year project that will improve energy systems by empowering citizens and fostering energy-secure communities through innovative methodologies and technologies.

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