Vahid Aryanpur
PhD Student
Postgraduate Student
UCC Energy Transition Energy Policy & Modelling


Vahid Aryanpur is a PhD student with Energy Policy and Modelling Group based in ERI, UCC. He is developing a multi-regional energy system optimization model, using an integrated energy (i.e., TIMES) and transport approach to incorporate consumer behaviour and to simulate regional travel behaviour and infrastructure 

He has 10 years experience in working with different energy system optimization/simulation models (such as MESSAGE, LEAP and EnergyPLAN) and developing different scenarios for the energy supply and demand sectors. His recent publications explore optimal deployment of renewable electricity generation, market penetration of alternative fuel vehicles on a well-to-wheel basis and sustainability of energy scenarios. Different energy policy instruments such as carbon tax, subsidy removal and feed-in tariff are assessed to move towards low-carbon energy system. He also applied a retrospective approach to assess the economic and environmental benefits through appropriate medium- to long-term energy policy and planning.