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End Date:


Funding Body:

European Union’s Horizon Europe



Project Partners:

Cork County Council (CCC)

Principal Investigators:

Emma Verling

Project Manager:

Camila Tavares Pereira

Research Area:

Coastal & Marine Systems


A-A Agora


The Horizon Europe funded project Atlantic-Arctic Agora’s full title is “Blueprint For Atlantic-Arctic Agora On Cross-Sectoral Cooperation For Restoration Of Marine And Coastal Ecosystems And Increased Climate Resilience Through Transformative Innovation”

A-A Agora is structured to support the ambitious targets set in the European Commission Mission to “Restore our Ocean and Waters by 2030” and, in this way, to answer the requirements on innovative and transformative change enabling the “Atlantic- Arctic lighthouse”.


  • Protect and restore marine and freshwater ecosystems and biodiversity, prevent and eliminate pollution of our ocean, seas and waters, and make the sustainable blue economy carbon-neutral and circular.
  • Protect valuable ecosystems located in coastal communities particularly vulnerable to climate change impacts, namely the risks of sea level rise and the loss of biodiversity due to increased pollution.
  • Mitigate the effects of climate change by increasing engagement and promoting societal well-being.

There are three demonstration areas within this project, one in each of Portugal, Norway and Ireland. To address these challenges, the Irish Demonstration Area aims to explore the interplay between coastal protection, climate adaptation, and nature-based restoration, taking advantage of an engaged citizenry to promote an integrated and participatory approach to coastal management and planning. The initiative seeks to improve the knowledge base to support informed decision-making and facilitate partnerships at the local and regional levels. This work will be achieved through joint working and collaboration between MaREI and Cork County Council.

Work Packages

Through 7 complementary Work Packages, the A-AAGORA consortium will deliver the project, supporting the ambitious targets set in the European Commission Mission on “restore our ocean and waters by 2030” through the reduction of pressures in coastal areas to boost resilience to climate change and mitigate its impacts.

Work Package DiagramFurther detail can be found in the A-A Agora project website