Bridge SMS


Bridge SMS

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Funding Body

EU FP7 Marie Curie IAPP



Research Area

Materials & Structures

Key Contact

Dr Eamon McKeogh


Bridge SMS


“Intelligent Bridge Assessment Maintenance and Management System” (Bridge SMS) (Grant no: 612517) is a European Commission, Marie Curie 7th Framework Programme funded Project, under the Industry Academia Partnerships and Pathways (IAPP) call: FP7-People-2013-IAPP.

BRIDGE SMS is a software application that empowers engineers and key personnel to predict, identify, and prepare for potentially destructive flood events. BRIDGE SMS is a robust and efficient tool designed to lower maintenance/planning costs and to provide more secured bridge management/operation. BRIDGE SMS is focused, but not limited to scour / flood risk (Qualitative and Quantitative scour risk), an extension of structure assessment, and inspection (above the waterline) is possible. BRIDGE SMS would be a management tool (and decision support system) providing bridge historic data, current bridge status (measured real-time data from gauges, ongoing maintenance, scaffolding, etc.), and future data (Flood early warning system, recommendations, and mitigation measures). The system will also develop mobile phone/tablets application for inspectors (standard inspection forms and photographs would be possible to upload into the BRIDGE SMS system directly from the surveys).

Key Goals

  1. To develop standardised methods for bridge scour inspection.
  2. To develop standards for bridge assessment and management.
  3. To calculate the risk of and manages the potential effects of flood events.
  4. To develop a database framework that is designed for intuitive use, encouraging participation by personnel at all levels within management authorities.
  5. To develop a system that
    1. Collects integrate and processes real-time data at regular intervals from weather and hydrologic sources, meters and gauges, and other sensing devices.
    2. Will rapidly notify based on in-built intelligence and decision-making processes, relevant personnel of possible maintenance and failure issues.
    3. Will advise in relation to current Scour Risk at bridge structures and prompt an appropriate Plan of Action (POA) which may involve various levels of maintenance and repair.
    4. Which will prioritize and optimize the operational and maintenance budget spend on infrastructure companies.
  6. Maximum use of new Information and Communications Technology (ICT) hardware such as tablets and cloud-based systems for on-site rapid communications, data collection, and analysis.