Transition to a climate resilient Ireland by 2050


Transition to a climate resilient Ireland by 2050

Funding Body

Environmental Protection Agency

Research Area

 Climate Change & Adaptation

Key Contact

Dr Margaret Desmond


The primary goal is to enable the transition to a climate-resilient Ireland by 2050. This involves presenting a clear understanding (barriers and opportunities) of the enabling environment of policy, science, governance structures, networks of experience, and capacity building.   The achievement of this goal depends on a thorough understanding of international and national policy processes and obligations (reporting and evaluation), available science and knowledge gaps, the status of governance structures, the utility of networks of experience, and efforts around awareness and capacity building to date. It further involves making recommendations on how knowledge gaps should be filled and providing advice to policy and decision-makers.   This involves working with a wide and diverse network of data and information providers, policymakers and end-users, with varying needs. It further involves devising solutions to barriers and recommending how they might be overcome through new research, strategies, and proposals for implementation. It further involves taking advantage of any opportunities that might arise.