Floating Offshore Wind Dynamic Cables (FlowDyn)

Start Date:

1st June 2024

End Date:

30 Sep 2027

Funding Body:

Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland


Vikram Pakrashi

Research Partners


Principal Investigators:

Vikram Pakrashi, Kevin Nolan, Rui Teixeira, Jennifer Keenahan, Abdollah Malekjafarian, Mert Celikin, Philip Cardiff, Aasifa Rounak, Alojz Ivankovic, Jimmy Murphy, Vesna Jaksic

Project Manager:

Vikram Pakrashi

Research Area:

Dynamic Cables


Dynamic Cables are important for allowing offshore wind power back to land. It is also a vulnerable element, leading to more frequent failures with consequences for power generation and related uncertainties. Addressing the consistency of dynamic cables is difficult due to the fundamental complexity of these cables in terms of their modelling, lack of evidence base in terms of their testing and monitoring, and finally the gap between understanding them and having adequate tools to absorb them into industrial practice. FlowDyn addresses some of these core problems by developing bespoke understanding around nonlinearities (static and dynamic), response conditions and failures. FlowDyn will create benchmarks in this regard for lifetime performance requirements and related designs. It creates a scientific insight to the ongoing processes linking nonlinearities and stochasticity and links them to practice in terms of design, guidelines and recommendations. It also provides bespoke and sophisticated tools for analysing these scenarios of performance, while allowing for probabilistic assessments. FlowDyn will create authoritative benchmark through extensive numerical and experimental evidence bases, and performance metrics.

Work Packages

WP1 | Integrated Numerical Analysis Framework for Dynamical Cables:

WP2 | Addressing Critical Nonlinear & Stochastic Behaviour

WP3 | Scenario Analysis of Lifetime Response Conditions: Marine growth, corrosion, degradation

WP4 | Experimental Validation Repository:

WP5 | Instrumentation & Monitoring Solutions: While sensors

WP6 | Design, Assessment, Reliability and Model Updating


Name: Vikram Pakrashi | Email: ei.dcu@ihsarkaP.markiV