GEOFIT: Deployment of novel GEOthermal systems, technologies and tools for energy efficient building retroFITting

Start Date

May 2018

End Date

April 2022

Funding Body

EU Horizon 2020 (GA 792210)


R2M Solution (Italy)

Principal Investigator

Dr Marcus M. Keane

Research Area

Energy Management 


Retrofitting is a complex and global process where decisions cannot be taken in isolation. Thus, there is an obvious need to devise an enhanced methodology, supported by an appropriate suite of tools, encompassing new concepts for comprehensive retrofitting that will satisfy occupant requirements and comfort needs while also achieving substantial reductions in energy use. 

GEOFIT project develops tools and methods for viable and cost-effective geothermal retrofitting. Furthermore, efficient geothermal systems and components are integrated into a management framework based on Integrated Design and Delivery Solutions. Finally, these systems are demonstrated in live pilot buildings targeting the reduction of at least 60% in energy consumption, compared to the values before retrofitting, while ensuring affordability and a target return of investment between 5-6 years. There are 5 pilot sites located in Spain, Italy, France and Ireland, which represent different retrofit scenarios including geothermal based retrofitting in urban areas; rock drilling; and historical buildings with seismic risk.


Dr Marcus M. Keane –  ei.yawlagiun@enaek.sucram