Start Date

1 December 2021 (estimated)

End Date

30 November 2024 (estimated)

Funding Body

European Commission 


Dr Dimitrios Liparas

Principle Investigators

UCC PI: Prof Gregorio Iglesias


A digital twin is a digital replica of a living or non-living physical entity. The digital twins will give users tailored access to high-quality information, services, models, scenarios, forecasts, and visualisations. Digital twins rely on the integration of continuous observation, modelling and high-performance simulation, resulting in highly accurate predictions of future developments.


ILIAD will develop, operate, and demonstrate the ILIAD Digital Twin of the Ocean (DTO). The ILIAD DTO is an interoperable, data-intensive, and cost-effective Digital Twin of the Ocean (DTO), capitalizing the explosion of new data provided by many different earth sources, modern computing infrastructure (Internet of Things, social networking, Big Data, cloud computing, and more) in an inclusive, virtual/augmented, and engaging fashion to address all Earth Data challenges. ILIAD will combine high-resolution modelling with real-time sensing of ocean parameters, advanced algorithms for forecasting of spatio-temporal events and pattern recognition. The DTO will consist of several real-time to near-real-time digital replicas of the ocean (DT). These DT will be used to support the design and development of smart and innovative services, paving the way for an open, actionable, and equitable digital twin of the ocean throughout the EU and beyond, starting with the partner countries.

Project & Research Partners

List of Participants

      1.  (C.) INTRASOFT International S.A

    Industrial Partners

      1.  Wavec (Offshore renewables)
      2. Alseamar (Glider technology monitoring)
      3.  Hidromod (Data ingestion to the platform, cataloguing, numerical modelling)
      4.  DockTech
      5.  Ramani citizen science, standardization,
      6. MEEO (Earth Observation modelling and analytics)
      7. Alpha Unmanned Systems (UAV technology; Innovation Management)
      8. Terra Signa (Remote sensing of coastal ecosystems, services developer to users)
      9.  Thales Group (Semantic information fusion and analysis)
      10. Terradue Ellip federated platform, cloud technology
      11. DEIMOS Eng NextGEOSS data hub

    End User Partners 

    1. Technip Energies
    2. Fundacion Valenciaport end-user, harbor management
    3.  Association de Gestion Intégrée des Ressources
    4.  Bulgarian Ports Infrastructure Company (Maritime Transport Services)
    5. UNEP/MAP SPA-RAC (Marine biodiversity; Capacity development; Link with policy makers)
    6. Andalusian Aquaculture Technology Center
    7. EcoWave Power Group Holding renewable energy
    8. Mediterranean Association of Aquaculture farmers

Research & Technology Development Partners (aquaculture)

  1.  Democritus University of Thrace (oceanographic-biogeochemical data/models)
  2. Sapienza University of Romemm
  3. Technion – Israel Institute of Technology (AI, ML, data fusion and processing)
  4. INESC TEC (Marine Modeling technologi
  5.  SINTEF Ocean (Marine Observatories, Ocean Modeling, SINMOD)
  6. SINTEF Digital (Maritime Data Space, Demeter Interoperability Space, Digital
  7.  University of Haifa modelling
  8. Leitat Technological Centre (Innovative sensors for micro plastics and biofouling)
  9. Commissariat à l’énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives
  10.  Breda University of Applied Sciences (simulations; interaction & design)
  11.  Foundation for Research and Technology – Hellas (Modelling, machine learning and AI) 
  12.  University College Cork, UCC
  13.  University of Edinburgh
  14. Tallinn University of Technology
  15.  National Institute for Marine Research and Development (Numerical/climatic models) NIMRD
  16.  National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (Hydro-meteorological modelling) NIMH
  17. Aristotle University of Thessaloniki-Fisheries, ecosystem modelling, monitoring & assessment AUTH
  18.  Fraunhofer (Al data analytics) FHG
  19. American University of Armenia (Policy-Science dialogue, Capacity Development) AUA
  20. Technical University of Varna, TUV
  21.  Research Institute for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (Fisheries, Marine Biodiversity) ILVO
  22.  Norwegian University of Science and Technology modelling, NTNU
  23. IEEE France engineering, capacity development, standardization, IEEE
  24. Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona user feedback, citizen science, interoperability UAB