TURNKEY solution for home Retrofitting 

Start Date

1 June 2019

End Date

 30 November 2021

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Jamie Goggins, NUI Galway




Europe is facing the now more than pressing challenge to triple the current renovation rate in order to meet its climate and energy goals and mitigate climate change.
Leveraging on the business operations of consortium partners (4000 integrated building renovations conducted to date), TURNKEY RETROFIT will develop and replicate an integrated home renovation service which will be initially operated in 3 EU countries – France, Ireland and Spain. 


The service will be accessible through a user-friendly digital platform and it will address drivers of building renovation that go beyond a desire to reduce energy bills and increase asset value, such as home improvement, increased comfort, enhanced health & quality of life.

Work Packages

The TURNKEY RETROFIT service will be developed as a home-owner-centric renovation journey, which will transform the complex and fragmented renovation process into a simple, straightforward and attractive process for the home-owner.
It will include the initial technical and behavioural diagnosis, technical offer, contract development and agreement, structuring and provision of financial support, as well as the on-site coordination of works and quality assurance. It will be a service-oriented model where the home-owner is offered tailor-made solutions through the whole customer journey.


• As part of the TURNKEY RETROFIT project, the NUI Galway team include:
Developing strategies for evaluating the impact of the TURNKEY RETROFIT service implemented in WP3; 

• Conducting the analysis of the data and feedback collected through the further development of the service in France and its local implementations in Spain and Ireland


Zuhaib S., Manton R., Griffin, C., Hajdukiewicz M., Keane M., & Goggins J. (2018) ‘An Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) assessment of a partially-retrofitted university building’. Building And Environment.

Follow the link to view the publication: 139 :69-85 [DOI] 

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Jamie Goggins, NUI Galway.

Email: ei.yawlagiun@sniggog.eimaJ

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