Wave Energy Demonstration At Utility Scale To Enable Arrays (WEDUSEA)

Start Date

September 2022

End Date

September 2026

Funding Body

The project is co-funded by the EU Horizon Europe Programme and by Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency


(OE) Ocean Energy

Research Partners

University Of Exeter – UK

Project Partners

Ocean Energy (New Wave Technologies Limited) – Ireland, Innosea – France, Advanced Simulation Technologies – Spain, Fraunhofer Gesellschaft Zur Forderung Der Angewandten Forschung Ev – Germany, Gavin And Doherty Geosolutions Ltd – Ireland, Exceedence Ltd – Ireland, Wood – Ireland, Hydro Group Plc – UK, The European Marine Energy Research Centre – UK, Longitude Consulting Engineers Limited – UK, Innosea Ltd – UK, Green Marine (UK) Ltd -UK

Principal Investigators (for UCC)  

Michael O’Shea

Project Manager  

Sean Barrett (OE)/Tony Lewis (OE)

Research Area 

Offshore Renewable (Wave) Energy




 The WEDUSEA project which is led by Irish Wave Energy Developer Ocean Energy (OE), will demonstrate a grid connected 1MW floating wave energy converter (known as the OE35 Buoy Floating Oscillating Water Column) at the European Marine Energy Test Site (EMEC) in Orkney, Scotland. OE has developed and commercialised innovative technology that can be used to produce clean electricity from the ocean and sea waves

The primary objective of the WEDUSEA project is the demonstration of the 1MW wave energy converter and to demonstrate the potential for offshore renewable wave energy to make a significant contribution to the EU Green Deal target. The project will demonstrate a large-scale Wave Energy Device to Increase Experience in Real Sea Conditions with a twenty-four (24) month deployment period to confirm performance, availability and reliability.

The project will demonstrate that the technology is on a cost reduction trajectory in line with EU SET Plan targets and will be a stepping stone to larger commercial array scale up and further industrialisation. The action will also integrate sub components such as moorings and Power Take Off (PTO) systems which will improve the efficiency, reliability, scalability, sustainability and circularity of the technology.


1.To demonstrate that wave technology is on a cost reduction trajectory, thus stimulating larger commercial array scale up and further industrialisation, through de-risking larger scale investments. This will therefore help meet the 1GW target set out in the 2030 DG-ENER Offshore Renewable Energy Strategy and the 2050 EU renewable energy targets.

2. To boost the development of the wave energy industry worldwide, by creating awareness of the potential of wave energy amongst policy makers, industry, potential investors and the public, thus directly impacting policy, public perception and investor confidence in wave energy.

3. To disseminate results and outcomes which enable the capitalisation and exploitation of the results through new innovations, products and services, as well as feeding both environmental databases and worldwide technical standards.

Work Packages

Number Details Lead Partner
WP1 Project Management OE
WP2 Front End Engineering Design & Procurement OE
WP3 Communications & Dissemination Planning University of Exeter
WP4 Procurement, System Integration & Commissioning Fraunhoffer
WP5 System Deployment, On-site Commissioning & Decommissioning OE
WP6 Offshore Operations & Maintenance Green Marine
WP7 Environmental Monitoring & Impacts European Marine Energy Centre
WP8 Performance and Reliability, Pathway to Commercialisation Innosea
WP9 Communications, Dissemination & Exploitation of Results OE



Number Deliverable Lead Participant
D1.1 Risk Management Plan OE
D1.2 Data Management Plan OE
D1.3 WP2 Design Review Summary Report and Comment Sheets OE
D1.4 WP2 Implementation Plan and Deliverables for Go/No Go Submission OE
D1.5 Construction Site Visit Report and Post Construction Report OE
D1.6 System Integration Completion Certificate and Summary Report OE
D1.7 Data Management Plan Update OE
D2.1 Design Report for WEC Hull OE
D2.2 Design Report for Turbine and Air Flow Control System OE
D2.3 Design Report for Electrical Power System OE
D2.4 Complete Design Report for Data Acquisition System OE
D2.5 Design Report for Ancillary Systems OE
D2.6 Design Report for Moorings & Umbilical System OE
D2.7 Report on Site Consents and Insurance OE
D2.8 Complete Environmental Monitoring Plan OE
D2.9 Report with Marine Operations Plan OE
D2.10 Report on the Plan for Commissioning and System Integration at Marshalling Site OE
D2.11 Certification Plan OE
D2.12 Techno-Economic Assessment, Business Plan and Plan to Financial Close OE
D2.13 Overall Summary of Pre-procurement OE
D3.1 Draft plan for the dissemination and exploitation of results University Of Exeter
D4.1 Testing of PTO system completed at IEE laboratory Fraunhofer
D4.2 Digital twin of the OE device system and licencing model ready for integration into Fraunhofer
  `planning tools for future external use  
D4.3 Completed OE35 hull delivered to the Marshalling Site Fraunhofer
D4.4 Completed Turbine and Air Flow Control System delivered to the Marshalling Site Fraunhofer
D4.5 Complete electrical power system delivered to the Marshalling Site Fraunhofer
D4.6 Report on the testing of the Mooring Tether Fraunhofer
D5.1 Deployment Plan/Method Statement for Operations OE
D5.2 Moorings and Umbilical installation operations report OE
D5.3 Post Install WEC Commissioning Report OE
D5.4 Decommissioning Report OE
D6.1 Routine Inspection Reports Green Marine
D6.2 Routine Maintenance Reports Green Marine
D6.3 Report on Operational Limits and Access Methods Green Marine
D6.4 Report on Tether replacement operations Green Marine
D6.5 Health and Safety Procedures report. Green Marine
D7.1 Airborne And Underwater OE Technology Signature Report European Marine Energy Centre
D7.2 OE Technology Ecological Impact Report: Year 1 and Year 2 European Marine Energy Centre
D7.3 Environmental monitoring system design and performance analysis European Marine Energy Centre
D7.4 Results of seabird surveys and observations. European Marine Energy Centre
D7.5 Overall Environmental Monitoring Analysis and Report European Marine Energy Centre
D8.1 Power Performance Assessment test report (IEC RETR) UCC
D8.2 Verification report of mooring system UCC
D8.3 Assessment report for availability, reliability and operations UCC
D8.4 Report on contribution to International Standards UCC
D9.1 Report on Operations Modelling Innosea
D9.2 Completion of Certification Plan Innosea
D9.3 Report on the Potential for Cost Reductions Innosea
D9.4 Report on the Potential for LCOE Reductions Innosea
D9.5 Report with Designs and costings for future array deployments to achieve utility scale installation Innosea
D9.6 Report on Commercialisation Opportunities and other markets Innosea
D10.1 Information Brochures University Of Exeter
D10.2 Related scientific and technological articles University Of Exeter
D10.3 For each asset/result, presentation “Pitch for investors” University Of Exeter
D10.4 Final Exploitation Plan University Of Exeter


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