Re-Wind Project featured in Project Marine Spring 2024 Newsletter

Project Marine Spring 2024 Newsletter Cover

The Irish Government’s Project Marine Newsletter (Issue 6 Spring 2024) features an article on Repurposing End-of-Life Wind Turbine Blades, by MaREI at University College Cork’s Paul Leahy and Peter Deeney and Munster Technological University’s Kieran Ruane. 

The blades on a wind turbine are very difficult to recycle, this is because they are
made from a mixture of materials including carbon or glass fibre reinforced plastics.
These composite materials are very strong, lightweight and durable. The durability
makes them hard to recycle. What then can be done with hundreds of wind turbine
blades which will be left after hundreds of existing wind turbines are
decommissioned in Ireland over the next few years?

Read the full article here.

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Re-Wind : Reuse and Recycling of Decommissioned Composite Material Wind Turbine Blades

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