Recent MaREI Papers on Circular Economy Energy and Environmental Systems

anaerobic digestion

New Research paper on alternative energy management strategies and manure management

MaREI Director Jerry Murphy and several other MaREI researchers released a new paper entitled ‘Alternative energy management strategies for large industry in non-gas-grid regions using on-farm biomethane’. This publication shows > 17% of biomethane resource is within 15km of industry allowing us to decarbonise the industry while improving manure management. 


What physicochemical properties of biochar facilitate interspecies electron transfer in anaerobic digestion

A new MaREI and ERI paper, authored by MaREI Director Jerry Murphy and other MaREI reserachers, explores properties of biochar which facilitate direct interspecies electron transfer (DIET). Biochar from whiskey by-products produced at 500, 700 & 900 C. Optimum 700 C with Methanosarcina suggested shift to DIET.

Implications of European Union recast Renewable Energy Directive sustainability criteria for renewable heat and transport: Case study of willow biomethane in Ireland

A new MaREI paper, authored by Jerry Murphy, Aoife Long, Archishman Bose, Richard O’Shea and Rory Monaghan, discusses how the 2018 recast European Renewable Energy Directive (RED recast) sets emissions savings criteria for renewable fuels. This paper too assesses the life-cycle emissions from gasification methanation of willow to produce renewable biomethane in order to compare the heat and transport 2026 sustainability criteria in the RED recast.

A perspective on the efficacy of green gas production via integration of technologies in novel cascading circular bio-systems

A recent MaREI paper, authored by Jerry Murphy, Richen Lin, Richard O’Shea, Chen Deng and Benteng Wu, discusses how presently more energy is sourced from the natural gas grid than the electricity grid in the EU and the US. Furthermore hard-to-abate sectors such as heavy-duty transport are not readily served by electricity. Decarbonised energy systems will require renewable fuels (such as biomethane) to reduce the reliance on fossil-based diesel and natural gas.