Energy Systems Modelling

What might  a future Irish or even global energy system look like?

How will we heat our homes, fuel our cars, generate electricity and use of our land in the future? How much will this cost? What technological opportunities deliver best value for emissions reduction?

With our research, we approach these questions by using integrated energy systems models which considers all of our energy use within the wider economy.

This ‘big picture’ approach is important as it allows us to consider the best use of all available resources including low carbon technologies, efficiency measure and renewables.

Today in Ireland,  electricity represents 20% of energy consumed while heat and transport capture the remaining 80% of energy.

We focus on 100% of the problem and try and find solutions that will enable Ireland to become a world leader in decarbonized energy systems


Addressing the challenges of Climate change means decarbonising the world economies.

For this to happen effectively an integrated approach to energy system planning needs to be taken.

By looking at all energy interactions together (Heat, Transport, Electricity, Land Use)  together we can form a coherent picture of what a decarbonized world could look like.

We are always looking for innovative, creative research ideas and researchers. We use software’s like TIMES, LEAP, PLEXOS and are interested to hear from you if you have experiences in this area

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Core Research Areas Include

  •  Integrated Energy Systems Modelling at National and Global level
  • Integrated Gas, Electricity, Water modelling at EU Level

Core Skills include: Integrated Energy Modelling, System integration. Gas, Electricity and Water interactions. EU modelling, Global Modelling

Current Projects

  • Integrated Systems – Paul Deane
  • Energy Security and Economy – James Glynn
  • EU Power System – Sean Collins
  • EU Electricity and Gas – Maitiú Ciaran
  • Energy and Economy – Gargiulo Maurizio
  • Energy Policy Scenarios – Emma Hanley
  • Modelling future coupled electricity markets with high levels of variable renewables – Fiac Gaffney
  • Energy Systems Modelling – Chiodi Alessandro
  • Addressing Policy Uncertainty – Steve Pye

Our PLEXOS EU Gas and Electricity model can be downloaded here

For more information about these project, please contact the appropriate researcher using the contact details from below.



Exploring 2 dimensions of a shift to renewable based energy systems; to what extent will systems be electrified & what are optimal levels of decentralisation?

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